We propose the pros and cons to Green Energy.

ventajas energia solar fotovoltaica

We forget the electricity bill, we reduce our CO2 emissions, we have independent electrical and more advantages. For all of this you know that you take the right decision.


 Solar system has a 30 years useful life at the very least. After the first years (5-6 years), we will assume a zero cost, removing the electricity bill forever.



In addition, the Environmental benefits to renewable energies are innumerable. One of the most important is the end of the Greenhouse gases.


A small abstract to Greenhouse gases consequences :

  • CO2 is one of the best-known greenhouse gases. We think tht Earth's surface temperature could exceed historical values as early as 2047, with potentially harmful effects on ecosystems, biodiversity and the livelihoods of people worldwide.
  • NOx (gases composed of nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide) is less known, but with the same consequences for human health (acid rain).
  • Radioactive elements: a environment and human health potential danger. In addition we need too much money for its supervision and control.

With the Solar Energy you would STOP producing them, being the bestfor yours and for the Earth.


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