The change to Green energy is easy. Photovoltaic installations can progressively reduce your energy bill , you just have to know how to do it.

Step 1

Luz y Energía del Sol S.L. team will design the proper type of equipment. We will visit you to know your energy needs and assist in choosing the right solar solution.


Step 2

Our team will install a new solar system, homologated according to the RD 244/2019 for self-consumption (Autoconsumo).


Usually you will get your own electricity through your new solar system, however, during nights or cloudy days your needs will be cover by the main power grid.




Step 3

We are partners of ECONACTIVA, a GREEN energy cooperative. If you wish, you could switch to ECONACTIVA,  with no extra costs.


You will save money, enjoying all the advantages of green energy and making a better future for the planet.


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